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I live in beautiful North Wales, to our overseas friends “Wales” is a Principality within the UK and now a devolved nation.  Geographically we are small, but perfectly formed with three National Parks and I live close to arguably the finest, The Snowdonia National Park.  I live just outside of Snowdonia in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.  Here, I have eclectic mix of soaring mountains, rolling country side and a long coastline.  I am certainly not stuck for photographic opportunities!  I’ve been a serious photographer from way back in the film days.  I take digital and even some film photography and I am building this blog as an extension to my pixels4u website.  I hope to post here my images from days out and perhaps even my competition entries entered into my Photographic Society.  I am also a member of The North Wales Monochrome Group, a group of dedicated B&W photographers. Since joining I am now beginning to judge potential subjects in terms of a monochrome interpretation.  I am retired, so fill much of my time enjoying my cameras in a superb location.

I currently shoot with a Fuji X-T1 and X-E2  for my landscape, a D7100 for my wildlife, I have many Nikon pro and other lenses plus a few Sigma’s.  More about this on my dedicated “kit” page.

Please bear with me as “WordPress” is new to me and this is very much work under way.


3 comments on “all about me

    • Hi Mike

      We certainly do live in a beautiful part of the UK. Had great summer with digital, 35mm and MF film and large format (my pals, not mine). Must update my blog as I am doing some film photography again, which is fun. So, thsat will be soon.

      Good to hear from you and hope you are well.



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